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5 Things Every Parent Should Have In Their Car

5 Things Every Parent Should Have In Their Car

If you are a parent, you know how it goes… You find yourself stuck in traffic, and now you and your little ones are going to be stuck in the car for hours on end. Perhaps, you and your family, instead, on our a spontaneous trip to the mountains, and the weather takes a turn for the worst. Either way, as a parent, you have to be prepared for anything. The team at Ponder Auto Repair is here to help -- here are five things every parent should have in their vehicle:  Sunscreen: no matter where you are, sunscreen is an absolute must. Even if the sun isn’t out, the UV rays can still affect you and your little ones, and dealing with a sunburn is easily one of the most uncomfortable experiences. To avoid these situations, make sure to stock up your vehicle with sunscreen.  Emergency First Aid Kit: It almost goes without saying, but an emergency first aid kit is something we should all have in our cars. This emergency kit should include all the first aid basics, includi ... read more


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