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The Difference Between Cabin Air Filters and Engine Air Filters

The Difference Between Cabin Air Filters and Engine Air Filters

Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash    When we say air filter, you probably think about your car's system working to make the air on your vehicle cleaner for you to breathe!    But there is a big difference between the cabin air filter and engine air filter that you should know, and we will explain below:    Cabin Air Filter: This is also known as an air conditioning (A/C) filter. It allows the air that comes into your cabin to filter out any pollution from the outside air that would otherwise contaminate the car's cabin. This will enable you to have your car interior air clean and say bye to allergies.    Engine Air Filter: As the name says it, the engine air filter is located on your car's engine to keep it free of any debris that might ... read more


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