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Take Time for Your Tires

Take Time for Your Tires

It is easy to forget about your vehicle’s tires, but think about how much we rely on them. Without properly maintained tires, we would find it challenging to get to our destination. Not only do properly maintained tires last longer, but they also contribute to vehicle safety for you, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road.  It is essential to take time for your tires, specifically your vehicle’s tire pressure. Low tire pressure can negatively affect your vehicle’s ability to brake, steer, and handle appropriately. If you need to perform an emergency stop or another sharp maneuver to avoid a collision, your tires need to be at the proper pressure level.  It is also essential to get your wheels aligned along with monitoring your vehicle's tire pressure, and your tires rotated. In fact, reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report that poor tires are responsible for 11,000 traffic crashes each year. Even worse, 200 peopl ... read more


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