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Keep Your Vehicle Hydrated By Checking These Fluids

Keep Your Vehicle Hydrated By Checking These Fluids

Think of how much your body needs water to stay hydrated! Without water, your health would quickly diminish. It is exactly the same for your vehicle -- your car needs fluids to perform in tip-top shape. Your vehicle has certain fluids, which keep systems with your vehicle performing in optimal condition.  To keep your vehicle hydrated, it is essential to check these fluids regularly:  Gas: We know all about this fluid! This fluid powers your engine, and without gas, you wouldn't be able to go anywhere.  Oil: Oil minimizes any friction in your engine. Without oil, all the moving parts in your engine would grind together, which can cause severe damage to your engine.  Coolant/antifreeze: Coolant and antifreeze regulate your vehicle's temperature, so your car doesn't get too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter.  Transmission fluid: Your transmission fluid allows yo ... read more


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