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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

You have a busy day ahead of you, and as you are driving through Johnson City on your way to work, you notice that your check engine light has appeared on your dashboard. You forget about it, promising to yourself that you will check it later, but soon enough, one day turns into multiple days, and your check engine light has not gone away. 

The team at Ponder Auto Repair doesn’t want this to happen to you. When you notice that your check engine light has appeared on your dashboard, contact our team right away. Your check engine light could easily mean something minor, but it could also indicate something more serious. At our auto repair shop, your safety always comes first. 

You can think of your check engine light as your vehicle’s way of talking with you, and at Ponder Auto Repair, we are adept at speaking your car’s language. We will perform a thorough inspection designed to identity the “what, why, and how” of whatever is causing your check engine light to flash. After, we will go over the results with you, ensuring we find the right solution for your vehicle and your budget. 

If your check engine light has appeared on your dashboard, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Ponder Auto Repair. We will get to the root of the problem to ensure that check engine light is no longer illuminated. Schedule an appointment with the technicians at Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN, for an inspection. 


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