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What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?

Engine Light

If you are asking what does a check engine light mean, it’s time to get your vehicle checked out by a professional because a check engine light means your car has a problem that could affect your car’s emissions systems. Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City says the engine symbol on your dashboard will light up and either blink or remain constant, depending on the problem.

The website > explains if the vehicle’s problem is not an emergency but you should get your car in soon, the check engine light will be constant. However, when the check engine light blinks that means there could be a severe engine misfire and that may mean unburned fuel is being dumped into the exhaust system. If that happens it can raise the temperature of the catalytic converter so much that it causes damage and that can mean an expensive repair. Ponder Auto Repair recommends reducing the power and as soon as possible, get your vehicle checked when you see a blinking check engine light.

What’s interesting is that you may not even notice a change in your vehicle’s performance because the car’s computer will try to compensate for the problem despite the fact that your car is emitting a high level of hydrocarbons and your mileage is reduced.

There are some things you can do if your check engine light comes on. You should check your other dashboard gauges and lights because you may have low oil pressure or your car may be overheating. If this is the case, you need to stop driving as soon as it is safe and turn your engine off.

Another thing you should do is tighten your gas cap. Sometimes this will fix the problem.You may need to get a new gas cap because the seal is no longer good.

When your check engine lights blinks or you feel a loss of power, it’s best to go slower and lighten the load on the engine if you can by unhooking your trailer if you have one. Paying attention to the check engine light will help you prevent expensive repairs.

The website explains your car’s computer gives codes for what is wrong with the engine. A qualified professional technician can help pinpoint which system or circuit to test in order to find the problem. After testing, it will hopefully lead to a solution for the problem. The technician must perform the test steps in the correct order. Many results they are looking for will provide exact measurements, like temperature, voltage, resistance, or time specifications. So, the technician must perform the test correctly. If they skip steps the test will not provide accurate results.

Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City says some people confuse the maintenance service light for the check engine light. But the maintenance service light illuminates when routine service is needed. While it is important to pay attention to the maintenance service light, it does not require the immediate response that a check engine light demands. So, what does a check engine light mean? It means your car has a problem that needs immediate attention. If you respond quickly it could save costly repairs.


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