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The Top 5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Brakes

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Know When To Replace Your Brakes Before Its Too Late

To keep you and your family safe on the road, it is important to know the signs that it may be time to replace your brakes. Although replacing your brakes may seem daunting and expensive, it is necessary to maintain the safety of your vehicle. By being informed on when to replace your brakes, you can avoid putting yourself in danger by driving on worn-out brakes. 

1. Your Car Takes Longer To Stop Than It Used To 

If you've noticed that it's taking you longer to come to a stop, it may be time for new brakes. Over time, brake pads wear down and must be replaced for your car to operate properly. Putting off replacing your brake pads can be extremely dangerous as it takes more distance to come to a stop, increasing the chances of getting into an accident. 

2. You Hear A Squealing Noise When You Brake 

If you hear a high-pitched squealing noise whenever you brake, that is a sure sign that your brake pads are getting low and need to be replaced. The squealing noise is caused by a metal tab that rubs against your rotor when the pad gets too low, letting you know it's time for new ones. 

3. You Feel A Vibration Whenever You Press The Brake Pedal 

If you feel a vibration or pulsing in your steering wheel or brake pedal, your rotors could have an issue. When rotors become warped or damaged, they can cause this vibration, making it difficult (and sometimes dangerous) to stop your car. 

4. Your Car Pulls To One Side When You Brake 

If your car starts veering to one side or the other when you brake, this indicates an issue with either your brakes or suspension system and should be checked immediately by a professional. Unevenly worn tires could also cause this problem, so if you suspect this is the issue, make sure to get new tires. 

5. The Brake Warning Light Is On 

This one goes without saying—if there's a warning light on your dash telling you there's an issue with your brakes, pay attention! Don't ignore the warning and risk causing further damage or putting yourself in danger. Instead, take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible so they can diagnose and fix the problem. 


Keeping yourself and your family safe on the road should be every driver's number one priority—and part of keeping everyone safe is making sure your brakes are in good working condition. By being aware of the signs that it's time for new brakes, you can avoid accidents and keep everyone safe while on the road. So if you're hearing squealing noises, feeling vibrations in the pedal or steering wheel, or seeing a warning light on your dash—don't wait! Get new brakes as soon as possible from a certified mechanic.

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