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Summertime Makeover For Your Vehicle

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How do I give my vehicle a summertime makeover?

Just like us, our vehicles want to meet summer in the best condition possible. While we focus on our summer gym bodies, our tans, and trying to hit our diet goals. Our vehicles are more concerned with their fluids, machinery, and systems.


Generally, there are a few things you want to consider when getting your vehicle ready for a summertime makeover. How is the A/C system performing? Is it time for any upgrades? Does my vehicle need a new set of clothes (paint job, haha)?

Is it time to service my vehicle's A/C system?

The rule of thumb is this; you should service your vehicle's A/C system at least once a year. We recommend at least a month or two before summer starts; to ensure you don't get stuck in a sweaty situation. Beyond that, if you notice anything strange with your A/C system, that is another reason to bring it in for service!


Keep your ears, eyes, and nose attuned to these potential issues:

  • Do you smell any strange smells coming from the A/C vents?

  • Do you notice debris coming out of the vents?

  • Does the A/C system only blow hot or lukewarm air?

  • Does the system make any strange loud sounds?

  • Does the system stop blowing air when the vehicle is stationary?


Any and all of these are reasons to bring your vehicle in!

Should I tint my vehicle's windows?

Tinting your vehicle's windows is a great way to reduce the heat from the sun! It also serves to protect your skin from sunburns in prolonged exposure (like on a road trip). You can tint your vehicle in various stages; check with your local authorities to see the legal limits in your area. Going completely black is illegal in some jurisdictions. Pro-tip, you can also get a note from your dermatologist if you need darker tinting (based on your sensitivity to the sun).

Is summer hard on my vehicle's paint job?

Simple answer; absolutely. UV exposure is one of the main concerns when deciding on a paint job for your vehicle. Different finishes are rated for different climates and exposures. Look up the specifics in your area, and ask a professional for recommendations!


Have fun this summer, and treat your vehicle to a makeover this summer! Let it live its best life, and take your family & friends on a road trip. Make sure to bring your vehicle to an auto repair center before heading out.


Come to Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN, when you need help giving your vehicle a makeover! Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics are ready to help, bringing decades of experience to the Johnson City community. Visit our website today to schedule an appointment. Also, don't forget to add us on Facebook, we post all sorts of great stuff, and we would love to interact with you!


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