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Preparing your Car for Back-to-School Season

Swans look their best while shuttling their kids around...your car deserves the best too!

School is starting soon, which means the family taxi service is back in business! Make sure your kiddos can get to their soccer games and ballet practice on time by preparing your car for the fall. Grab that iced coffee and read on for tips...

First, check the tires! Get your tire alignment checked, and have the tires rotated if necessary. Have the guys at Ponder Auto Repair check for any slow leaks, screws or nails, and inspect the overall health of your tires. This is especially important to do as the rainy and snow seasons approach.

Next, get your oil changed. Oil changes need to occur every 3,000 miles, and the average American drives about 1,000 miles a month. That means that if you got your oil changed in June and took a summer’re due, home skillet! But don’t stop there--have your oil filters changed as well.

Is your engine jerking? Does it have reduced power, or does it idle? Has your fuel economy tanked recently? What about backfiring? You may need to check your ignition coils. This is necessary maintenance that can save you a lot of headaches, so make sure it gets done. 

Top off antifreeze If your antifreeze is getting low, your fuel economy may degrade. Other symptoms might include the heater malfunctioning, a coolant leak, a temperature gauge that is much higher or lower than usual, or sweet smell. 

As always, the auto mechanics at Ponder Auto Repair are ready and waiting to get your car prepared for the new school year--and back on the road safely and quickly! Book your appointment with us today. 

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