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New Year’s Resolution: Better Fuel Economy

The team at Ponder Auto Repair wishes every one of you a safe and happy New Year! We are astounded that 2020 is over and that 2021 is upon us! We are so grateful for our clients who continued to choose us for auto repair over the year, and we look forward to seeing you soon in the New Year. 

A new year often means a new chapter, and the team at Ponder Auto Repair thinks the perfect resolution for 2021 is to aim for better fuel economy with these tips. Not only will this save you money in the long-run, but it is also beneficial for the environment. Accomplish these New Year’s resolutions for better fuel economy and efficiency: 

  1. Accelerate gently! The faster and harder you press on the gas pedal, the more fuel you use. For maximum fuel efficiency, take five seconds to accelerate your vehicle to 12 miles per hour from a standstill. Think of a cup of coffee on your dashboard, and you can’t spill it. 
  2. Keep a steady speed. When you quickly fluctuate your speed, you go through more fuel. Cruise control during highway driving can help with this. 
  3. Anticipate and act! While driving, you can look ahead to see what is coming up, and then you can plan accordingly. This way, you can keep your speed steady and minimize sudden acceleration and deceleration. 
  4. Think about coasting to deceleration. Again, if you are looking ahead, you can anticipate how traffic is behaving. You can simply take your foot off the accelerator and slow down instead of always using your brakes. 
  5. No more idling. Except when in traffic, turn your engine off in you are idling for more than 60 seconds. 
  6. Minimize your use of air conditioning and heating. By using air conditioning, your vehicle’s fuel consumption increases by 20%. 
  7. Keep your vehicle properly maintained. Routine maintenance doesn’t just preserve your vehicle’s longevity, driveability, and safety but also improves your gas mileage. 

Schedule an appointment with the technicians at Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN, and our technicians can perform an inspection and any services, if needed. This way, you can already accomplish one New Year’s resolution off your list. Don’t hesitate to bring your car to us for auto repair and maintenance. We can’t wait to see you! 


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