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New Year, New You

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Turkey time is over, Santa's flown home, and Johnson City wakes up to the light of a new day. Happy New Year's everyone, I hope you are all doing great! With that being said, I'm sure we all have some things we would like to improve this year, or maybe some goals we want to reach for the future. Let's include our vehicles in all the fun and make a shortlist of New Year's resolutions that cover their needs too.


Our vehicles work hard, sometimes too hard. Depending on our lifestyle and jobs, our vehicles might be shut away for weeks-on-end; or stuck in the field day after day. Both situations call for some special attention, and maybe even a little extra. Here are a few ideas to consider when creating your New Year's resolution lists for your vehicle.


Take That Road Trip - First and foremost, our vehicles are supposed to be something that makes our life better/easier. Don't forget to have fun this coming year and put them to use in the best way we can think of, making memories with your friends & family. Maybe have everyone write a destination on a piece of paper, crumple them up, toss them in a container, and have somebody randomly pull one out. Whatever they choose is the surprise road trip destination you all take! When you take that family picture at your destination, include your family vehicle in it too, memories come in all shapes and forms!


Get A Full-Service Fluid Exchange - Nothing will have your vehicle feeling fresh like a high-quality fluid exchange. Much like us, our vehicles have a complicated network of arteries and veins pumping fluids to their critical parts. If that fluid runs low or becomes laden with dirt and debris, it makes everything the vehicle does more difficult. The vehicle burns more fuel, uses more power, and is more likely to face a breakdown. Quench your buddy's thirst and change out those critical fluids.


Have The Interior Detailed - When was the last time you deep-cleaned or detailed the inside of your vehicle….same here, haha! Interior detailing is probably the last thing on most people's list, but that makes it a perfect first item for a New Year's Resolution! Interior detailing can include professional vacuuming, shampooing, oiling, waxing, finishing, and much more.


Have The Exterior Detailed - While we're at it, we might as well give the old girl a makeover! A quality exterior detailing might include professional hand-washing and polishing with buffing compounds. Also, you can have surface scratches, dents, and dings removed!


Bring the whole family together on the experience. Face the New Year with a renewed attitude and a push towards our personal and professional goals. With a well-cared-for vehicle and a strong family by our sides, the future's looking bright! Enlist a trustworthy auto repair team to help you with the process, and you are sure to start the year off right.

Don't hesitate to visit Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN. Together, we can set your vehicle up for success in the new year. Visit our website to schedule an appointment today, and please visit our shop. We hope your New Year is everything you want it to be. Also, don't forget to add us on Facebook, we post all sorts of great stuff, and we would love to interact with you!


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