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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer

Summer is here! The kids are out of school and everyone is itching to get outside. We all want to get that summer body: toned and strong for such adventures as rafting, fishing, or a game of catch with the kids. Here at Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN, we’ll help you get your car’s body ready for summer as well!

Get your car in shape for summer by taking a look at your tires and brakes. Tires and brakes may need to be replaced after the long winter months so that they’ll serve you well on those weekend fishing trips or the drive to see the baseball game. You wouldn’t hit the hiking trails in old flip flops with holes in them, so why take a road trip with bald tires and brakes that haven’t had any attention since Christmas?

Long trips in hot weather can quickly lead to an overheat. Don’t get caught with your coolant down! Your car works hard to keep you and your family cool in the hot days, so treat it to the best by making sure the coolant is topped up. No one wants to be That Guy stranded at the side of the road with low coolant and hot, crying kids.

What about brake fluid? This frequently overlooked fluid is almost as important as your tires. If it is not checked and replaced, you could lose your ability to brake: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop isn’t a good policy when it comes to cars!

Whatever services you need to get your car ready for summer, Ponder Auto Repair is here to help! Our happy customers know that we can “Fix Everything But A Broken Heart:”

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