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How to Keep Your Vehicle from Overheating

Summer is almost here, which means we need to break out our bathing suits, summer dresses, sunscreen, and anything else that will keep you cool. Just like how you need to prepare for summer, your vehicle does too. There are specific measures you can take to keep your car from overheating, and most of these measures are as easy as applying sunscreen to your nose. 

The team at Ponder Auto Repair can perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle, specifically your fluids, to ensure everything is in proper condition. This way, we can keep your car from overheating, so you can enjoy your summer: 

  1. Park your car in the shade. 
  2. If you can’t park in the shade, use car window shades.
  3. Think of tinting your windows. Window tinting provides UV protection and prevents sun damage. 
  4. Leave your car windows open slightly. Hot air can escape through these window cracks, leaving an overall cool vehicle. 
  5. Floor vents are the most efficient in cooling your vehicle. Instead of turning on higher vents, start with your floor vents. 
  6. Monitor your vehicle’s temperature gauge. If the temperature gauge starts to point toward hot, instead of pointing toward the center, pull over right away, and let your vehicle cool down. 
  7. To cool your engine, blast the heat. This might seem counterproductive -- turning on the heat while your vehicle is already hot -- but turning on the heat will pull hot air from the engine compartment and will cool the engine. 
  8. Your vehicle’s coolant level will need to be inspected during these hotter months. Our team will examine your car’s entire cooling system to ensure it is ready to go for the rising temperatures. 
  9. It is essential to have your radiator flushed by a technician, as it involves draining old coolant from the radiator, cleaning it with flush fluid, and then adding new coolant to your engine. 
  10.  We will also examine your car battery. If your battery is older than three years, it might be working extra hard to provide power to your engine. This extra work can lead to your engine overheating much easier. 

If your vehicle does overheat while you are out on the road, don’t panic. Pullover, turn the engine off and let your vehicle cool for a minimum of 10 minutes. To allow some of that heat to dissipate, you can open the hood of your vehicle. Before driving away, check your temperature gauge to ensure it is within the normal range. If the temperature gauge is not low and/or you hear unusual noises, we recommend calling the team at Ponder Auto Repair right away. 

Schedule an appointment with the technicians at Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN for a touchless experience. 


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