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Halloween Costumes For Your Vehicle

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay 

Halloween is the time to come together and let our wild sides come out! Kids spend all year trying to come up with the coolest and most unique costumes they can; it's a tradition beloved by all. Why not bring your vehicle in on the fun? There are all sorts of exciting things you can do to dress your vehicle up for Halloween!

People love to adorn the vehicles with pumpkins, gross oozing slime cutouts, and funny windshield wiper wavers! Dreaming up some hilarious and scary ideas can make you the talk of the block. More importantly, it brings the family together and lets you share in an awesome memory. Halloween is a time to get creative and really step out of the box, so we pooled our resources and created some starting points for you!

Here are a couple of ideas to think of for Halloween costumes for your vehicles!

Windshield Wiper Tags - Have you seen these yet? They are so fun! One of our favorites is a cutout sticker of Forest Gump that gets placed on the window, but the cutout for his arm is attached to your windshield wiper; so that he can wave at you! These are super-fun and affordable, plus they are easy to install and remove.


Wrap Your Vehicle - Imagine a deadly spider looked at your car and thought…" Looks Delicious!" That is what we are thinking, haha! Buy some fake spider webbing and wrap your car, maybe even put a cherry on top and add a big stuffed spider on the trunk!


Decals & Stickers - Really embrace the Halloween spookiness with some bloody hand prints and nasty goo! Your local Halloween superstore is sure to carry a wide selection of awesome decals & stickers to spook the locals with, ha ha! They are affordable and easy to remove, so go crazy and have fun with them!


Have The Kids Help - Ask your kids if they have any ideas! Children are very creative, and you might be surprised at the awesome ideas they have. Maybe some cool inspiration from their favorite video games and shows might end up on your back window, ha ha! After all, it's all about spending time with family and having a lifetime of stories to share.


There are no limits to the fun, and this list is just the beginning! Bring the whole family in on the experience and use this time to bring each other closer together. While having fun is important, doing so safely is even more important. Make sure your car is ready for the road before you take it on its big night out!

Do you need help getting your vehicle ready for the Halloween fun? Contact us at Ponder Auto Repair and Schedule An Appointment; we will make sure your vehicle is ready for the road this Halloween. Stay safe this holiday season, and we can't wait to meet you and your family!


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