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Don’t Run From Rain

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Staying Safe While Driving In The Rain.

We have some rainier months ahead of us in Tennessee, and that means some interesting driving conditions, too. Rain brings all sorts of special surprises to the surface. Despite the odd "crazy driver," rain is sure to bring some dangerous road conditions as well.

Rain introduces all sorts of problems to our roads. Wet conditions wear away the road surface and cause problems for tire stability. Moisture leads to mud, loose gravel, chunky asphalt, and more. All of which can cause major problems, not to mention being blinded by heavy rainfall; due to bad windshield wipers! So, here are a few ways to stay safe while driving in the rain.

What Can I Do To Prepare My Vehicle For Rain?

We have two very basic (and seemingly obvious) solutions. However, let us tell you, people overlook them every year.

Windshield Wipers - This one might seem obvious, but every one of us has been caught in the rain with "less than perfect" windshield wipers. Not only is it annoying, but it's very dangerous. Something as simple as windshield wipers can be the difference between a simple drive home in the rain and a potentially dangerous situation. Find a good set of windshield wipers that can handle your local rainfall conditions.

Tires - Healthy tires is the number one thing you want to consider when you get ready for rainy conditions. Specifically, you'll want to look over your tire tread and see if it has gone bald. Meaning, does the surface of your tire look smooth? Can you still clear differences between the grooves, or are they blended together? If your tire looks smooth and has "gone bald," you definitely want to consider finding a new set! 

Should I Service My Brakes Before It Rains?

Absolutely, your brakes have a hard time with moisture, just like the rest of your vehicle. Brakes have metal components that wear and can rust over time, especially in colder climates. Combine that with dirt, mud, and asphalt, and you have a recipe for degradation over time! Servicing your brakes will keep them strong for longer and ensure that you meet rainy conditions, prepared for battle.

So, before things get too slippery out there, consider your vehicle and how you can stay safe when it rains. Some straightforward things, like new windshield wipers, can be what keeps you safe on the road. Ponder Auto Repair would love to help you with preparing your vehicle.

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