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Beat The Heat With A/C Service

Do I need to service my A/C system before summer?

Summer's almost here, and we can feel the air getting muggier by the second. Even though temperatures don't get too crazy in Tennessee, the humidity can make for some pretty sweaty conditions. With that in mind, have you had your A/C system serviced this year? Do you think you need to? Here are a few things to consider as we roll into summer.


The simple answer to "should I service my A/C system before summer starts?" is yes! Definitely, you want to stay ahead of the game. Especially during the in-between months when temperatures are pleasant. It's best to bring it in for service now before it gets too humid!

How do I know if my A/C system needs service?

Luckily, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward. If your A/C (air conditioning) system needs service, you will notice one of these things, or maybe more than one. It may seem like everything under the sun indicates a problem, but a wide range of things might indicate an issue.


Your A/C system needs service if it:


  • Stops blowing cold air
  • Will only blow ambient temperature air
  • Won't blow air at all
  • Smells strange, musky, or bad when you turn it on
  • Blows particulate matter through the vents (like dust and debris)
  • Makes strange noises when you turn it on
  • Won't blow hot air or only blows hot air

How do I service my A/C system?

We strongly suggest that you bring your vehicle to a certified auto mechanic first when you notice anything strange with your A/C system. If you are unfamiliar with replacing or charging freon, please have a professional handle the problem. An auto repair center can assist you with checking everything listed above and so much more. They can assist you with your fan, freon, belts, filters, etc.

So, before it gets too hot and muggy out there, check your A/C system for any of the symptoms listed above. Make a note of anything you notice and find an auto repair center you can trust to take it from there. Enjoy your summer, stay cool, and have fun!

When you need assistance with your A/C system, don't hesitate to visit Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN! Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we can arrange a pre-purchase inspection that will give you peace of mind, knowing you made the right choice to buy or not buy. Also, don't forget to add us on Facebook, we post all sorts of great stuff, and we would love to interact with you!


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