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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Thirsty? 3 fluids your car likely needs, stat

Imagine yourself after a long-run. You might find yourself searching desperately for that water bottle, looking to quench your thirst. You might find it surprising, but your vehicle feels the same way, except your car requires more than just one fluid to quench its thirst. Here are three fluids your vehicle needs:  Engine Oil: This is an easy one; we all know our cars need this. We may know that your vehicle needs this, but do you know what this fluid actually does? Your engine oil is responsible for keeping all the components in your vehicle lubricated and functioning smoothly.  Transmission Fluid: Engine oil might be important, but so is transmission fluid. This fluid is responsible for lubricating your vehicle’s gears and keeping them from overheating. For a smooth and safe ride, transmission fluid is a must.  Radiator Fluid: This fluid has many names -- coolant, antifreeze -- but whatever you call it, this fluid should not go unchecked. In warm weather months ... read more


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