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Tire Health: Things to look for

Tire Health: Things to look for

Along with performing regular preventative maintenance for your tires, it is important to keep an eye for potential problems. The team at Ponder Auto Repair has a keen eye for detail and is here to help you understand tire health. Here are some things to pay close attention to:  Uneven tread wear: If you notice a pattern of high and low wear, this is indicative of uneven tread wear, which is commonly caused by underinflation, misalignment, and improper balancing.  Shallow tires: The tread in your tire should be 1/16 of an inch deep, and if it isn’t, your tire should probably be replaced, as shallow tires can lead to dangerous situations.  Foreign objects: Pay close attention to any foreign objects lodged in your vehicles, such as small stones, glass, metal, or any other object.  Damaged spots: If any spot is cracked, split, or punctured, it is a sign of a serious problem, and your tire is probably in need of attention.  If you are experiencing any of ... read more


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