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How to Tell When It Is Time for a Timing Belt Replacement

How to Tell When It Is Time for a Timing Belt Replacement

Is it time for a timing belt replacement? The team at Ponder Auto Repair is here to help. If you don’t have your timing belt replaced in time, and it subsequently snaps, various components of your engine can be affected.  Here is how to tell when it is time for a timing belt replacement:  Material Loss -- belt wear is just like tire wear; you can see noticeable signs of wear and tear.  Belt Abrasion -- your timing belt’s edges have been worn down.  Cracking -- your timing belt is visibly cracking.  Glazing -- the timing belt has a shiny or glossy appearance on the underside of the timing belt.  Piling --  you will hear unusual noises and excess vibration.  Hydroplaning -- this occurs when water cannot be properly dispersed from the warn belt and pulleys.  Elongation -- when driving you feel less tension, and your vehicle’s performance has diminished.  Misalignment -- you will feel high levels of vibration, noi ... read more


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