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Taking Care of Your Car’s Engine

Taking Care of Your Car’s Engine

You depend on your car. So, taking care of your car’s engine is important. Did you know cleaning your engine helps remove build-up residue and protects the engine? It can lengthen your car’s life, make it run cooler, and resist grime. Bring your car to our technicians at Ponder Auto Repair in Johnson City and we will make sure your engine is clean and in good condition. If you have a high-mileage car like so many people do, you need to pay attention to your engine by using an engine degreaser to clean it at least twice a year. This will keep your vehicle running better and longer and will protect against wear and tear, and things like salt, tar, snow, and road grit and grime. According to a Cars Direct article, leaving grease in the engine can decrease a car’s ability to accelerate rapidly and can lower the maximum speed of the car. Here is how to ... read more


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