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Shocked? Check Your Suspension!

Shocks, struts, and suspension, oh my! Lots of our customers are overwhelmed by these terms, but really, with Ponder Auto Repair as your trusty auto repair shop, it’s no mystery at all. Read on to get our best tips for taking care of your suspension!

First of all, the very best way to take care of your suspension system is with regular auto repair and maintenance. Your auto mechanic at Ponder Auto Repair can help you get on a good schedule that fits your car’s needs, the amount of wear and tear your vehicle experiences and the age of your car. Older car’s suspension systems need a little extra TLC to keep going, but newer cars can benefit from regular care as well, and it may just improve the life of your vehicle!

What are some warning signs to look for? 

Bumpy rides: All’s NOT well that ends well if you are feeling every bump in the road. If your tailbone is a little extra sore from feeling every single bump on the freeway or city roads, then you definitely need to get the suspension checked. Bouncing is bad, and you can check this when your car is parked. Just press all your weight on the front of the vehicle. If the car bounces a lot, this can be a sign of worn shocks or struts.

A decrease in Maneuverability: If your steering wheel isn’t showing the same flexibility and ease as you remember, then this can be another sign of a faulty suspension. Decreased flexibility, the actual steering wheel feels like it’s slipping, as well as a grinding sound can all be not-so-subtle indications that you need to get things checked out. 

Dragging Left Or Right: If your car tends to “list” to one side or the other, this can be another tell-tale sign of the need for a suspension inspection. Besides being annoying, this can be dangerous! Without the help of a seasoned auto mechanic, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact issue, as there are a host of additional problems that could be arising. 

No matter what your suspension concerns might be, Ponder Auto Repair is here to help you! Schedule an appointment with our auto mechanics today. Stay safe out there! 


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